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Reviewed in the United States on April 20, 2018
Cruise ships between moons. Chill aliens, uptight aliens, and humans. A heist with its own heist. Things going wrong. Stirred, not shaken. You get the picture.

This is, without a doubt, a fun book. It’s difficult to talk about it without giving the good stuff away. I’d be like that friend who starts talking about a cool movie and doesn’t realize they’ve given away the whole plot because they’re too busy running their mouth. I don’t want to be that guy, but…

Holly’s rebuilding her life from the ground up. She’ll do anything to get ahead. Along the way, she draws in some interesting characters that are fun to read and follow.

Charly, she’s a fighter in ways that don’t become clear until you get deeper into the story.

Meg is Holly’s sister. She’s a cop. She’s a tough cop. And a mom. And an ex.

Gabe. Also a cop. (He’s the ex.)

Odeon, he’s a Yasoian. They’re chill. He’s chiller with some skills. Some of those skills are off the books. His parents wouldn’t be proud of his actions. If they knew. (They don’t.)

Darius. Keep your eyes on him. Everyone else is. Sometimes the left-hand doesn’t know. (Wink. Wink.)

Shiro is a dandy dandy. There’s something about him I haven’t figured out yet.

So that’s the cast of main characters. There’s more, but these are the heart of the story. It sort of reminds me of the old days of Mission Impossible, the TV show, where they recruited based on character’s abilities. And then they walked away to explosions and stuff as the credits roll. Sadly, nothing blows up. But there is a lot of shooting. Bang. Bang.

The author tells an interesting story and tells it nicely. It was easier to keep reading than to put the book down. Reading some books is much like dragging your brain across sandpaper (60-grit) while others are like sliding your brain across silk. Eye of the Colossus belongs in the latter category.
The story arc is well planned and I didn’t see the twist. (Twist? I didn’t say twist. Ignore that.)

Enjoyed the book enough to pre-order the second book: Hands of the Colossus: A Steampunk Space Opera Adventure (A Holly Drake Job Book 2)
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