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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on July 20, 2012
The mutant basis of the story put me strongly in mind of Futurama with the underground mutant population and Leela being non-deformed enough to pass for normal on the surface. This was not a bad thing since I am a huge Futurama fan and the rest of the plot was different enough to not be seeing double.

The plot was good and the hero and heroine were likeable. The romance is pretty much a love at first sight type. I do not have as much of a problem with those like others seem to do because, really, isn't that how a large number of couples get together in real life? What makes the difference is whether a couple can make it last in the long run.

Overall, this was one of those tough ones for me to review. Despite the story having a lot going for it, I just failed to connect somehow.
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