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Reviewed in the United States on October 27, 2017
That's all I can say for the title of my review. Other words I'll say here:
Thought provoking

I was amazed at these novels. This trilogy that Ms. Butler has created. It's post-apocalyptic with a different twist. An Alien species saves the survivors of a modern apocalyptic war that destroys most of Earth. These aliens repair Earth and they take the survivors, those willing to become part of their species. Humanity will get to the Stars once the Aliens trade DNA with them. The first novel tells the tale on one survivor and her indoctrination into the Aliens society. The second book tells the story of her son, a human-alien construct. The third book tells the story of the first human-construct of the Alien's third sex. Yes, they have male, female, and a third type, one that can manipulate DNA at the molecular level.

These books make you think about what it is to be human. That was one of Octavia Butler's strengths, this type of story. Buy it, I guarantee that you will enjoy it, be fascinated with this trilogy. Well worth the money.

Oh, what would I do? Join with them of course.
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