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Reviewed in the United States on May 9, 2017
I originally choose to purchase this deck for the beautiful art and imagery. I find it stunningly appealing, and most importantly - it speaks to me. What I appreciate about this deck is the unique approach Colette conveys within the guide book; she provides the ADDITIONAL LAYER of understanding to the meaning of the cards; without repeating or rehashing the technical meanings behind each card. I'm very familiar with the language she uses in the understanding and processes of co-creation of our experiences with spirit, and the power of our intent/affirmations within our Inner World.

I feel that Colette clearly and fully explains WHY this deck is designed the way that it is, and what makes it different from other decks on the market.

Is this designed for a Beginner? Perhaps not. UNLESS the beginner needs to learn the mechanics of using the Tarot, in that case, an additional teaching tarot book would be useful.

Is it designed for the Seasoned reader? Yes. There are no printed phrases or borders on the cards to distract from hearing your own inner guidance. Since I've worked with several decks over the years, often times when I look at any given tarot card, regardless of what deck I'm using; the corresponding images of the same card from another deck will be shown within my mind's eye. THIS deck provides the ADDITIONAL layer of understanding behind the energy of the card's meaning.

The card stock is standard size and thickness like most oracle cards, the laminate is medium gloss, and plain edging - no gold or silver. Which I'm fine with because oftentimes that kind of edging irritates my fingers when shuffling. I had pre-ordered this deck and have been using it daily since the release date. Because of the gloss finish or perhaps the deck may need broken in more, the cards still have a tendency to cling together while shuffling. Regardless, I've very happy with my purchase and it makes a great addition to my Tarot collection!
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