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Reviewed in the United States on February 19, 2013
I was initially turned off from buying this due to two things. 1. The Reviews were a little too perfect. It almost seemed setup to boost sales. and 2. The price. Initially it was priced higher and had no free shipping.

We recently purchased a new Nisaan NV van [...] for our large and expanding family. While the Van is absolutely Amazing...The issue with this van is that the rear view mirror is completely pointless. You cant use it to see out of the back of the van, because the headrests are all in the way, and it is so small that seeing your kids in the back is imposible. So, we needed a better mirror.

As I mentioned above, I was initially turned off from this mirror. So, after buying a different one,(Britax Back Seat Mirror) for $16, we found that it did not at all fit well, and looked way oversized.

Just a few weeks ago, I saw that they were offering initially $5 off for the Pikibu mirror, and then followed that with free prime shipping instead of the $5 off and the returns if I didn't like it. So, I decided to buy it, but fully planned to return it, if it didnt work. my pleasant surprise...It is PERFECT. The perfect size, the perfect coverage of our back seats. The perfect system to mount on our mirror. And it looks really clean and "factory" in our van.
After realizing that I had not trusted the initial Amazon reviews, I decided I should do my own review on this, so others can hear that it is as good as others have said.

I would have been much happier at $19.99 with free shipping (Rather than the $24.99) and I might have not initially questioned it, but it is still a good product that meets a need very well.
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