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Reviewed in the United States on March 24, 2020
I use a frother every day with my coffee. When my old one died, which was an Aerolatte, I decided to venture out and try a different brand. Big mistake. I landed on Zulay because of their story and being a family run business in the USA. I found the one I wanted and decided to give them a shot. (Side note: I bought this less than two months ago)

When I first tried it, I thought "this is nice". It had a strong motor, it was easy to use, and seemed like it would do a good job. I soon realized after using it for a few days that it wasn't really frothing the milk. It was spinning so fast that it was just agitating it and not doing what a frother is supposed to do. Also, there isn't a slow setting. You press the button and go from 0 to 60 and nothing in between.

Like i said before I use this everyday, so after about a month of using this frother, I noticed it getting slow and lethargic. I figured the batteries needed to be changed, so I swapped them out. It went back to normal for about a week, then started getting slow again. It clearly wasn't the batteries. I then realized that the button started becoming hard to push down all the way. It seemed like it was catching on something. And now, today, the motor is pretty much completely dead. SO even with the brand new batteries and the button pressed all the way down, the head barely spins. It's basically now a fancy spoon because all it can do is stir the coffee.

So to sum up. After only about 2 months of use:
-The button stopped working properly
-The motor completely died
-It never really frothed the milk

I'm going back to Aerolatte and never looking back. I suggest you do the same.
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