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Reviewed in the United States on February 8, 2018
Great little machine with good suction. Two tips, when the head starts getting clogged with debre use DAWN dish soap. First put the Dawn on one side while holding it at a angle while the water heats up at your sink. After 3 or 4 minutes flush that side of the nosel from where the suction begins for a few minutes the flush through the hose part that attaches it self to the machine then repeat those steps for the other side. After doing this suction was back to brand new. Lastly simply emptying the dirty tank will not get rid of the smell if you are cleaning up say animal accidents. At the bottom of the dirty tank is a black removable gasket. Remove this and be prepared too be disgusted. There is always a sludge build up in there even just after a few pee pee clean ups. Rinse the gasket itself and the holes it fits into smell is then gone. Make sure to replace the gasket in the right position there is a small cut out on the gasket itself to guide you. Also only use DAWN dish soap others we tried did not work at all. Be careful when cleaning the head not to burn yourself. Hopes this helps
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