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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on December 16, 2020
The story starts really good, but the longer it goes the longer it falters and becomes drawn out and very tiresome/boring.
A lot of the same descriptive sentences are used. You could get drunk off of how many times 'as if it would come alive and leap at them' was used if you turned it into a drinking game.
Scenery descriptives of the snow were used over an over.
Characters would be holding a pistol, but then holding a rifle, to haven set an object down but then having it again later after it was stated they never picked it back up.

It should have ended after the third part, past that it got very repeat and pretty eh. The ending was also pretty cliche.

However. I still enjoyed it a lot more than anything else I've ever found upon Kindle. So 3 stars. The idea was great and it was fun at the start for the first three parts. So 3 starts for each of the good parts.
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