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Reviewed in the United States on June 24, 2017
I *really* enjoyed the 1st book in the trilogy but books 2 & 3 were, for me, just OK. I was glad to find out what happened later to the characters, and the author really did keep bringing characters from previous books back into later books (either referencing them, giving more details about them, them reappearing, or the like) but ... somehow I simply didn't find the stories themselves as compelling, the world as novel.

That said, I think I liked book 3 second best because I liked the bonded threesome of brother, sister & Sieh and book 2 least of all but, of course, if one gets attached to the characters one wants to just keep reading.

I'd say, if money's tight and you'll only buy a few books this year ... borrow from library to make sure you love all 3 before buying the entire trilogy.
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