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Reviewed in the United States on October 13, 2020
Did you ever wonder how Duke Leto was granted Arrakis by the Emperor? The Duke of Caladan is the first book of a new Dune trilogy which explores this question. It’s a great read which touches on a number of questions I’ve had as a long time Dune fan (I originally read Dune when it was serialized in Analog in the 1960’s). I know some Dune fans don’t like the prequels, sequels, etc., written by Kevin and Brian (you’re entitled to your opinion) but I find them very interesting. Their works embellish and enhance the universe created by Frank Herbert. With the new Dune movie delayed until next year, this a great opportunity to return to that universe. A series should leave you wanting more. As I finished the last paragraph of the book, I was ready for the sequel! I think you will be ready as well.
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