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Reviewed in the United States on May 27, 2020
Bravo! I loved every moment of this stand alone novel. I enjoyed that it's in a few sections that represent different years of the characters life. We meet Cait as a young ten year old when her life changed forever by getting kidnapped. There are many layers to that act in itself, and we see all of them revealed. We also see her as a teen, and again as a young woman. We get to see what makes her the person she is, and see who and what's important to her. At the heart of this tale is FAMILY. Both by blood and by choice, family is central to everything in this book. I admire Cait and her heart, strength, resilience and loyalty to those that deserve it. It's truly a grand adventure that will break your heart, lift you up, leave you screaming at moments, and burst for joy.... Just like life. It's a heckuva journey and the perfect read at this moment in time. Enjoy!!
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