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Reviewed in the United States on July 11, 2017
I chose a whopping 5 star rating for this book because I feel like this could help out so many other teens like me that are going through problems, but not only teens, this book could help anyone, really. I recommended this book to so of my adult friends (mom and dad friends) and they really seemed to like it, and I could really tell they are using what they learned in this book because they just seem more... well, happy! They seem to have a better grip on life and emotions. I truly recommend this book to anyone. Eighty years old but still having trouble in life? It's never too late to pick up this book! Maybe you are ten and wish you could escape from the real world but also get your life ready for whatever may happen? I can almost guarantee that this book is that you are looking for! As for some people that don't like to read but want a better life.. like the eighty and ten year olds, I suggest you read this book. Or since this is the 21st century, have a bot or something read this to you. As for the author of this book... thank you. Thank you for helping my grasp on life, my sight to beauty, my entire mindset, and my interactions to people of all types. Though the chance you read my comment is most likely one to many, I still thank you. And thank you to everyone who helped write and or make this book, your efforts will not be forgotten.
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