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Reviewed in the United States on July 28, 2016
These Amazon file folders work perfect in any office space. Let me tell you how to set them up (because there are some people writing reviews stating that they don't work).

1. Tear each of the labels at the perforated lines. There will be some small sections at the end of each strip that are trash.
2. Place the label inside of the plastic sleeves. You can have the small section jutting out, or you can fold it behind the larger label.
3. This is very important. The plastic sleeves go in between the slits in the tops of the folders. If you have it in correctly, it should be snug in place and not fall over! The plastic sleeves are also slanted for a reason. They are supposed to lean away from you, not towards you.

You can also use a simple algorithm such as this to organize your folders: Tab 01(A-B) Tab 02(C-D) Tab 03(E-G) Tab 04(H-J) Tab 05(K-M) Tab 06(N-P) Tab 07(Q-S) Tab 08(T-V) Tab 09(W-Z)

I hope this helps some of you.
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