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Reviewed in the United States on June 22, 2020
I love this book. It fills a hole in children’s literature and I love the conversations it is going to start with my 3 year old son. Looking forward to reading it to my 7 month old too.

Some of the lower star reviews talk about a few things I want to push back on:
1. How the book needs to have a “love everybody” and “play with everybody” message. Those books exist already, y’all. And they are not anti-racist. This book is trying to do something different. See the page about colorblindness.
2. That the language is too advanced and the ideas are too complicated for kids. This lays groundwork for powerful conversations with our kiddos. Neutrality, policy, access, diverse, cultural, transcend... all great words for our kiddos (AND US!) to know. This is not a book you can read and put down without engaging in some convos.

I applaud Ibram X. Kendi for venturing into kid lit with this book. Also, I know he has a daughter and I love how he honors her on the cover. What a powerful message for her as she gets older. ❤️
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