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Reviewed in the United States on April 29, 2020
Can't complaint about anything. It's a gorgeous piece, with a very easy to mount setup (no behind the board access is needed like Intel, since it uses the AMD stock backplate), clear instructions, precision fit, and it's virtually silent until 75% load and then it's audible, but it moves air and cools well. Idle around 38C, Prime95 stress will push it to a measly 71C, but AVX2 will (as expected) really heat up. It peaks about 85C after 15 minutes of a continuous 100% AVX2 load, which is great for sff. And I'm rarely running 100% AVX2 load across 16 threads so it's not an issue in normal use. 75C is about peak.

Note that I didn't use the provided thermal compound since I don't know anything about it. I stuck with my preferred–if difficult to use–IC Diamond, but I'm sure the included paste would be fine considering the difference between the best and worst is usually like 1-3C at most.

One thing to note is that you need to run your system's fan optimization tool or change the curve yourself, as the typical stock minimum duty cycle of 20% for most board makers may not be enough to keep the fan on, as it seems to require 22% minimum duty cycle to keep the bios from barking about fan errors.

Also, the Asus x570-i ROG STRIX with its massive VRM cooling cover and the tall chipset/m.2 stack, the cooler can ONLY mount over the RAM, so you will have a RAM height limitation with this board and cooler, though it's just too short to clear the G-Skill Trident Z Neo RGB's heat spreader, pretty much any ram that's shorter than that kit will fit. It really only interfered with 2 tiny areas on one heat spreader, and I could have modified the ram heat spreader to make it fit, but considering I couldn't turn off the RGB due to G-Skill's terrible HAL that they're using now that they stopped with the Aura plugin, I had to return them anyway, so shorter RAM it is.

Will definitely be buying more Scythe coolers in the future! Quite impressed with this little (Big) guy!
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