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Reviewed in the United States on June 23, 2019
So when I first got this, I put it in, gave it a run, and was impressed. This was first start up with tons of crap in it. Unfortunately when I could finally see the bottom, it would never really clean it.

After observing, the front of it would rise up every time it drove forward, never meeting the bottom. Playing around, I found the float bubble, blue thing with styrofoam, was making it way too buoyant. I moved that up to the height of the water and bam, we are cooking, spic and span. Do this if you are having issues.

It also recommended the ultrafine filter. I bought that, and it was kind of a waste of money. It doesnt suck up correctly with the ultrafine and actually does a worse job cleaning.

-1 for float issue and recommending to waste money on a new filter. Otherwise, I never had to run the waste vacuum on a pool that wasnt chemically winterized, and it went from green unable to see, to crystal clear, with no physical cleaning. That's awesome.
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