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Reviewed in the United States on October 5, 2018
These are the updated versions of classic toys which have no bells or whistles, but promote matching, stacking, and grouping skills. They've been fascinating my baby for hours at a time for the past two days. He got excited as I was hurriedly unpacking them from the box they came in.

On the shape pail: up until now he's loved stacking things or knocking things down, but with the shape pail, he was amazed to find that there were two of each shape -- unlike his other toys. He's learning to compare the shapes against each other, and watching the look on his face when he put both star shapes together warmed my heart. Some people have noted that the lid is very loose in comparison to the older version. I've found this is true, however I like is because my baby is learning object permanence as well, and the lid is loose enough that after a shape is put through its matching hole, he can take the lid off to see that the shape did indeed end up in the pail. He's also been happy to collect all the shapes in the pail and carry it around, or stick his feet in there to see that yes -- even he fits lol.

On the rocking ring stacker, this is a classic as well. Unlike his stacking cups that he can mishmash together in different ways, this ring stacker is teaching him that sometimes certain things go in a certain order. He put the largest one on, watched it settle, and then put a smaller one on and of course it didn't go all the way to the bottom -- there was a gap between the rings! Watching him sit and stare at the stacking peg while he worked on the "problem" was neat. He was a little frustrated with this one, as he hasn't quite gotten the lesson yet, but for now he's enjoying playing with the rings individually, and has also combined them with the shapes from the pail -- observing that he can pass the shapes through the rings themselves.

I've seen other sellers trying to sell this combo for $30+, and was glad to find this seller offering the combo for a reasonable price. All in all, very happy!
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