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Reviewed in the United States on March 3, 2016
Love the K2 special services series!!!Sandra has done it again with another wonderful novel! From the very first page I was immediately drawn in to the story. The hints at the depth of despair that both Ryan and Charlie endured was incredibly and very cleverly done. And the hints and snippets lead into the crescendo towards the end where everything is revealed. I really enjoyed this aspect of the story telling. Instead of just rehashing the history over and over again throughout the novel we are given glimpses of what had happened. This really spurred me on to keep reading to find the answers. And the momentum just kept on building.
The story incorporates Sandra's great wit which I love! Also just the right amount of drama where our K2 boys get to flex their manly muscles. Heartbreak and of course all encompassing love.
I adore the way Ryan treats Charlie/Charlene/Cherub and how they relate to each other. I thoroughly enjoyed Charlie's personality. Such a departure from the other K2 girls. This is another reason I love all of Sandra's wonderful series and characters. So much diversity.
Ryan and Charlie's chemistry is undeniable and I am still waiting for that phone sex haha! Such a tease!
A highly recommended read!!! Fabulous!!
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