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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on August 31, 2021
I'm living at our beach condo this summer, and I burn this candle every day. It's so beachy, and is a little reminiscent of a nice-smelling suntan lotion from days of yore. Used to be that this scent was one of Yankee Candle's stronger ones. Now that most YC's have lost their strong scent (and some of them seem to have no scent at all), at least you can smell this one. But it is very light, so it's great for people like my sister who don't tolerate strongly scented candles. If I could buy the old version though, the more strongly scented one, I would! This one has the same scent, just not as strong.

Also, I like that the two-wick tumbler is an option. Used to be it was only the one-wick large jar, the classic Yankee Candle. The two-wick tumbler has a more even burn, and you don't have to burn it for four full hours, as you do with the large one-wick jar, to maintain the integrity of the wax. And no worries about tunneling. So I buy the tumbler version. If I knew I wanted to be at home and burn it for four hours at a time, I'd buy the classic jar version. It lasts longer.

PS - I did buy one the jar version of this candle recently, and the scent isn't any stronger than the tumbler version. So the reduced scent of Yankee Candles doesn't seem to have to do with which version you buy large jar or large tumbler. But the smaller of their candles do not seem to have as much scent throw, so I always buy the large ones.
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