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Reviewed in the United States on September 3, 2019
These burp cloths are not everything I hoped they would be. The cloth is durable and yet they are soft (not fluffy like cloth diapers but soft). They cover the perfect amount of mommy's shoulder for burping baby and they do absorb well however, they release everything they absorb (they become a damp/wet mess after one small baby burp/spit up) making it useless after one baby burp. This is not conducive to a mother trying to conquer the world, or at least the day without going through 10 different burp clothes. I really wanted to like these but unfortunately they just didn't cut it. Your money is better spent on Gerber pre folded 6 layer disposable diapers for use as burp cloths. They are my faithful and most trusted burp cloths. They go with any outfit, keep both mommy and baby spit up free without halting the day to dig a clean burp cloth out of the bottomless pit of a diaper bag after a single grade C (minor scale) spit up episode; which is exactly what it will be with these Muslin burp cloths. I am disappointed, I had high Hope's for these burp cloths
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