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Reviewed in the United States on September 23, 2017
I read and watched a lot of reviews and installation videos. Until I felt like I was comfortable with doing the installation for myself. Of course my wife was like no way, let an electrician do the work. So I got two quotes of $1100/$1800 for installation and parts. I was like no way, one guy even quoted $1100 to do an interlock. That was out of my budget especially seeing that the install seemed so easy.

I made a plan:
First labeled all the breakers in my panel and see which 10 I would want in case of lights out.
Then tried to balance usage based on standby and continuous needs. Letter each circuit A-J.

I hardwired the power Inlet to the transfer switch, this was simple and easy. Just follow the colors.

Cut the main power, Remove the panel cover. Used a nonconctact voltage tester to confirm no power except for main power line into home. Wiring was straight forward and easy.

Few hiccups experienced
Two of my circuits had red wires and not black. I read that both black and red are loads so I went forward as if they were black.
I needed only three 20amp, but switch had 4, called reliance, said they would send me another 15amp for me to replace but I decided to only connect 9 circuits to transfer. You cannot connect a 20 amp switch to a 15 amp circuit in main panel. So I just electric tape each end and left it inside panel.
My Westinghouse wgen generator required me to remove the bonded neutral wiring to make it floating neutral. Easy and simple.

Equipment used
Transfer switch kit $365
Hammer owned
Wire cutter/trimmer $12
Noncontact voltage tester $13
Drywall cutter $6
Phillips and flathead screwdrivers owned
Lamp owned (used generator to power)

I have no electrical experience. Just some common sense and good with my hands.

The whole installation including going to get gas and setting up generator (adding oil and gas) took about 2.5 hours.

Be safe, good luck.
Hope this helped. Thanks for all those who took time to do the reviews and included instruction help.
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