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Reviewed in the United States on March 25, 2020
I dont know where to start. I did download these books on my kindle while i was reading other books, never knowing this series will be on my top 5 list (ive read like 200 books). I downloaded it because of Kingdom of Runes by same author and i love that series too.
This book takes out so many emotions. Please do this, put «one of us», by Ivan Torrent as background music and read this book. You will not exist in the real world anymore, you will become Maia. Ive been smiling and crying (literally) with her. You can feel everything she feels, the hurt, the betrayal, the love...all of it, and its lots of that.
The heartpounding interactions between Maia and Riser, i just wanted to faint sometimes, wish i was Maia just because of Riser lolzz. I love the way Audrey Grey describes her male caracters, dark, feral but yet carrying some hidden light. I also loved Maias relationships with other caracters, how they started to trust her. Her feelings were my feelings, she didnt irritate me at all, i understood her, i was her, i would have the same reaction to everything.

While i was reading the book i kept on checking how many pages Were left, i didnt want it to end, and then i saw this book was written in 2017, and there was no 3rd book, I panicked literally! I texted the author Audrey Grey, and to my utter shock she replied back:

«Hi! Sorry for the delay. The series was with a publisher and when we parted ways, I was forced to focus on other projects. But I’m one chapter away from finishing the final book in the SF trilogy so I expect it to release hopefully sometime in April or early May. ❤️»

Yaaaaaaiiiiiiiii so the 3rd book is COMING, Im sooooooooooo HAPPY!!!!!!
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