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Reviewed in the United States on June 17, 2020
I've been using the ring doorbell for about 6 weeks now. Overall, the performance is very poor compared to other ring devices.
I use the ring security system and monitoring inside of my home, and figured adding the doorbell would be a good addition based on my success with their other products. However, the doorbell all around is ineffective and an embarrassment to the company.
Installing and setting up with the instructions is pretty straight forward. It took three separate attempts to connect to my phone and app before it finally did though.
The picture quality is good for both day and night.
The doorbell DOES NOT pick up on most motion though. It DOES NOT even pick up my mail carrier putting mail into my mailbox, which is directly next to the doorbell on my porch. Not only does it not register motion, but it sends NO notifications to my phone. I've tried reconnecting the doorbell to my app and wifi, tried downloading the ring app again, changed settings in my phone, done everything I can think of but still cant get it to work.
Overall - the doorbell doesnt register motion, doesn't record motion, and doesnt give notifications.
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