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Reviewed in the United States on June 21, 2019
I loved The Summer of Sunshine & Margot! It was all that I expected it to be. I want to write about what I enjoyed in this book and why. There are four main characters in the story, two of which are the sisters: Margot and Sunshine Baxter. Their relationship had to be the best part of the story for me. They had a special, close relationship but it wasn’t sickly sweet. In fact, it had a LOT of snark – which I totally love. They are very different, fraternal twins, but there is a very close bond between them. It was especially funny when the called each other on their respective B.S. Sometimes it made me snort-laugh. Thru it all, though, they are always there for one another with a very strong bond of love.

As for the two sisters, I can sort of identify with parts of each of their characters. I loved both of them in very different ways. Margot was more buttoned-up than Sunshine however she was living life the best way she thought she could. I liked that she felt deeply, even when that emotion was hard for her. And Sunshine. To me, she felt she was broken somehow, but I loved her highs and lows equally. She just seemed so real to me.

Then there are the two men in their lives: Alec Mcnicol for Margo and Declan Dubois for Sunshine. The budding relationship between these two gents and the sisters, is better told by the author but I can tell you that Alec was…closed off might be a good term. He’s the son of Margot’s client, Bianca Wray, who as a secondary character is wayyyyyyyyyyyy strong, both in her persona and character in this story. Again, no spoilers, and I couldn’t do it justice but Alec and his mother have “stuff” to work through before Margo can make headway with either of them. Too simple an explanation but Margot’s and Alec’s story is deeply touching, maddening, and wonderful at the same time. And Declan… He comes with an adorable little boy named Connor, Sunshine’s charge (as his nanny). For Declan’s character, he may have spent much time in his own head but I think he went through all the “things” you’d think he should, and would, if you were in his position. He and Sunshine also have not only touching moments but some pretty snarky ones, too. Loved their story. And Connor? I would adopt this little boy in a heartbeat. As the secondary character in Sunshine’s story, he usually stole the show whenever he appeared on the page. Loved him!

Thoroughly enjoyed this book and I highly recommend, even if it did come with too many ants for my taste. (You’ll get the reference when you read the story.)
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