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Reviewed in the United States on August 13, 2021
I really enjoyed reading this book, the world construction and description was great, you get inmersed in this magical world full of wonders, you can definitely picture both Wall and Fearie. The plot was original and interesting.
Having said that, I feel like the characters weren't developed enough, the book has several "main" characters but you hear very little of/from most of them. Septimus is barely in the book at all. Yvaine doesn't add much to the story either, on the first half of the book all she does is voice her dislike for Tristan, then out of the blue she likes him? It's never really put into words, it felt like a sudden and not well justified change. I felt that the pace of the story was a little rushed at times, maybe if the book had been a few chapters longer...
I must say that I have also watched the movie, and while both are very similar, in my opinion the characters were better developed in the movie; Septimus, Tristan, Yvaine, the Witch, the pirates, all had more participation and substance in the movie; also, the love story is better handled/developed in the movie and the ending is far superior; again, in my opinion, but still, the book is entertaining and a fast read.
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