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Reviewed in the United States on December 26, 2019
I needed to return the product unused because one of the cartridges arrived with a broken clip rendering it useless. But I was surprised when I discovered that not all of the cartridges were of the XL type. At first, especially because of the damage, I thought that someone on the packing side had pulled some sneaky swaps. But upon careful examination I found that the packaging and description actually indicated that ONLY ONE of the cartridges - PGBK - was XL while the others were regular capacity. I hadn't paid enough attention when I ordered. I would have had the seller replace only the damaged cartridge - in fact, I put that in my original report to them - but Amazon's automated system would only permit me to do a full return. That's the price, I guess, for 100% automation. Let me explain my star rating. Value was middle of the road - the price wasn't as awesome as I believed at the outset, my mistake for not reading more carefully. Presentation was sub-optimal, and I attribute that to Canon. Print quality - 1 star because I didn't print anything, although Canon inks are rather good when used. Look, I'm just trying to be honest and complete when describing MY experience this time. I'd use this seller again.
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