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Reviewed in the United States on January 16, 2022
The first book was just... lacking. Fascinating story but mostly skim-worthy. I only skimmed a few parts of this one.

Now that Rikr's secret is out of box and our main character has learned something about her own nature, she seeks to reconnect with her past in the form of investigating her parents' deaths.
Zak, the crystal druid, disappears and reappears, tangled up in her mess. Scarred as he is by his own past, he and his familiar remain a stronghold for our main character.
The stunted, tangled emotions (not well-handled in the first book) are now being dragged into the light, confronted, and addressed.
The first book was an awkward prologue to what promises to be a fascinating and intriguing story.
Here we find out that our main character is not an underpowered witch--and exactly what she is and why she hasn't been outed before now. We see flashes from the past that help define the tumultuous love-hate relationship with Zak... and we see bonds (and even a few minor characters) growing into a story worth reading.
I find myself somewhat annoyed that the third book isn't out yet, as I'm curious to find out exactly who and what our likeable MPD officer has found for our main character in terms of a replacement coven....
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