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Reviewed in the United States on May 31, 2019
Here's one thing I've learned definitively through the purchase and reading of this book: DO NOT RELY ON CUSTOMER REVIEWS WHEN DECIDING ON BOOK PURCHASES.
I am FLOORED at the amount of positive reviews this book has received. An overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars....? HOW?
I'm not talking about story or content, as many of the few negative reviews there are focuses on the disturbing content. I'm talking about the absolute mediocrity of the writing. For all the positive reviews, I was expecting some exceptional writing, character developments and plot twists and it just was not there. I disliked every character. There was just nothing for me to like about any of them. They all made questionable, illogical and very unrealistic decisions. I mean, I expect to suspend my belief of "reality" when reading books or watching movies, but this was excessive to the point where I totally checked out of the story and was just reading for the sake of finishing the book.
As for the "disturbing content", again, it was just not there for me. Honestly, I picked up this book with the intention of indulging in some sexy (okay, maybe smutty) thrills and chills. And there were sex scenes. A fair amount. Of nondescriptive, repetitive, vanilla sex. That became annoyingly obligatory and prudishly lacking. And yes, there is some violence against children and I can understand why some parents would be turned off by this. However, again, it was so vanilla to me, and due to the inferior writing, was not as horrific as it seems like it should have been. I am a parent. I sleep fine at night after reading this.
I am not familiar with this author and I am not an avid reader of "romance" (ie, sex) novels, but I do appreciate a heavy sprinkling of adult content in my books. If you're looking for something well written, that will creep you out and turn you on, this one is not gonna float you boat. If you aren't picky with your prose (or particularly bold in the bedroom) and want a fast, easy read, go for it.
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