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Reviewed in the United States on March 29, 2019
I finished the Duchess series (3 + 2 so far) and figured I'd try this. It's a LOT better than first book of that series (which sucked, imho) and is good enough for me to recommend. Solid, will appeal most to young adults who are ok with a mix of magic and military sci-fi. I'm not a young adult, so I found it a bit too simplistic for me. Consistent with Stewarts other series almost everyone except a few key characters has an IQ of about 80. In this book there's a lot (way, way too much in a magical universe !!) of "that's impossible!" when someone is shown clear evidence (or testimony) of something outside their experience. So, in a way, it' s anti-Science, while at the same time the author mixes magic into high technology. I'm not sure whether I'll stick with this series, but I'll try the next since it seems likely there will be little repetition of the plot line here. (which is: band of misunderstood good guys is chased around the galaxy, most of the book is action, almost too much for me. (for instance a just-out-of-moth-balls battleship being run by pirates needs only a couple of days to prepare to the crew to *invade* (and occupy!) a large space colony. riiiiiight. As I said, young adult.)) Good enough to read? yes, for me. Good enough to (someday) reread? No. I doubt I'll even remember it in a few months. 3.3 stars. (yes, I round up).
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