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Reviewed in the United States on May 18, 2022
From page one of this great book, the chemistry, and sparks between Jax and Jordan were singeing the pages of my e-reader. Jax, in my personal opinion, is one of the most charismatic, swoony, charming, and romantic heroes this author has written and trust me she’s had some good heroes, but Jax is just a step above and even though they’re just friends and get their flirt on, Jax takes it to the next level. I appreciated that he kept the boundaries between them, as hard as that was, since she’s engaged but they definitely had the flirting down. As tragic as Jordan’s past is and unfortunately when she learns the truth about her fiancé, I liked that Jax was there as a true friend through it all. But once circumstances changed, it was game on. I loved meeting the residents that Jordan works with, all the family updates we found out about, I loved that Jax and Jordan both had the same crush growing up, and his ‘twin-talk’ with Jillian. I was excited yet cautious when Jordan got the news at the end of the book that she was waiting on and I totally loved that all the family was there for them and wanted to help with whatever they needed. I’m definitely curious to see where that story goes next. I would personally give this book, ten stars if I could. This author has some of the best quotes in her books and my favorite from this story is, “You should never be sorry for your feelings. It’s the one thing we have that’s truly ours.” Great book!
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