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Reviewed in the United States on November 21, 2016
I always love these based on truth fictionalized stories. I found that I cared for all of the characters, even the snobby one. The courage these young brides showed while being transported from Australia to England aboard an aircraft carrier at the close of WW II were astonishing. The cultural differences interesting, and the interaction of the 650 or so brides with the enlisted men on board fascinating. Many men English fighters, while stationed in Australia during the great war met and married--sometimes within weeks--young Australian women and then were sent back home or to other assignments leaving the brides behind. The royal navy was assigned to bring all of these brides back to England to reunite them with their husbands. This story is about one such ship--an aircraft carrier. Most of the other ships were more like cruise lines and not so nitty gritty with the enlisted men. The central thread that unites all of the characters is a growing relationship between a quiet nurse and an honorable officer. How they hid their admiration and eventually love from each other as well as all of the other characters is the suspenseful thread throughout the book.

I loved it not for the brilliant writing, which it did not have, but for the historical interest and learning something totally new about which I had never heard. Of the main characters (wives) developed and followed throughout the journey not all have happy endings being reunited with their loved ones. Some are removed from the ship and returned to Australia for various reasons. It was a good read and I am happy to have read it. It was worth my time.
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