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Reviewed in the United States on August 23, 2017
This novella is an entertaining read. The Sinclair clan and the Sutherland clan do not get along at all. A blood feud has existed between the clans for a very long time. Therefore, it is no surprise that the Sinclair warriors give a wide berth to Sutherland lands. However, Burke and Garrick Sinclair are given an assignment -- gather information in the village nearby Dunbraes Castle, home of Lord Raef Warren. Warren is a powerful man who seeks his own gain by pretending loyalty to the English. What the reader learns as the story develops is that Burke and others, as a matter of expediency, have had occasion to approach closer to the Sutherland's Brora Tower and lands. On one such occasion, Eighteen year old Burke and other members of his clan discover Lady Meredith Sutherland has ventured onto thin ice while in the forest near her home. Burke comes to her rescue by pulling her out of the frigid water. She is taken to the Brora Tower to be warmed and cared for but the Sinclairs are met with a very cold inhospitable reception. After that fateful event the two young people meet from time to time without either clan knowing. When both are old enough to be wed, Burke approaches Murray Sutherland, head of the Brora Tower Sutherland clan but Burke rebuffed three times when he asked for Meredith's hand ins marriage. The Sutherland, now aware of Burke's interest in Meredith and vice versa, rush to marry Meredith off to the clan's strategic advantage -- to Chisholm Sutherland, a distant cousin. Unfortunately, Chisholm and Meredith stay in a loveless marriage for ten years. He bullies Meredith and meets his own sexual needs with Meredith and other women. After all the years that pass, Burke wonders if Meredith still loves him. He certainly has never forgotten her but he does not want to fight for someone he cannot have, fighting through all the obstacles that the Sutherland clan and its leaders have put in his way. Laird Robert Sinclair is aware of Burke's feelings for the lass so gives Burke a special mission. The mission is to meet with the newly selected leader at Brora Tower, Ansel Sutherland, to attempt to end the long standing feud. Burke leaves immediately hoping to time his arrival at the Brora Tower to coincide with the arrival of Ansel. Ansel is not only a top ranked person in his clan, he is also highly regarded by Robert the Bruce and among the Bruce's top warriors. However, as fate would have it, Burke arrives a day before Ansel Sutherland. He meets and talks with Meredith then they profess their love for each other and vow to marry. They make love in the hayloft in the barn, only to be discovered by Ansel upon his arrival early the next morning. Burke finds himself in the unenviable position of attempting to face a very angry brother of Meredith while keeping in mind his mission to gain reconciliation between the two clans. A vicious battle ensues with the outcome of the reconciliation, Burke's life, and the story ending all n doubt. So, of course I will not give away the thrilling ending and resolution that occurs to this novella. Suffice it to say, Emma Prince knows exactly how to hold our attention from page 1 until the very end!
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