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Reviewed in the United States on October 2, 2018
Over the years I have read each and every one of the Davenport and Flowers books more or less then they have first been published. As a matter of fact I have read all of these books at least twice as has my wife. Needless to say my wife and I are big fans.

Now as far as the last two or three books of the Davenport series I fall into the category of not being over fond of the turn Davenport took when he joined the U.S. Marshall Service. My primary reason for not like these book quite as much as the former is that Davenport has left behind most to all of his long time associates – including his wife, his daughter, Flowers and most others he was dealing with. I miss these characters and the substitute characters just don’t live up to the old ones.

This is not to say my wife and I don’t enjoy the Davenport series – we still enjoy them and will continue to read them – we just feel they have lost a lost of there zing and humor.

The other aspect of these books we really are not overly fond of is that the author seems to be leaning a bit toward politics as far as the “bad guys” are concerned. I have to admit that in these days and times I am thoroughly sick of anything to do with politics. When I read I much prefer to having Davenport hunting down criminals (not to say that most all of our current political characters are not indeed criminals at some level) but I just like – well, you know what I mean – I think.

But as I said, I will continue to read this authors work simply because he write a very good story.
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