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Reviewed in the United States on June 14, 2016
Black Tide Rising by John Ringo and Gary Poole
I devoured the four Tide books by John Ringo. This collection of short stories by a dozen different authors makes for a fun addition to that series. Hopefully, Mr. Ringo will eventually please his readers by renewing the original saga with his characters moving to the Pacific from the Atlantic. In the meantime, we have several different takes on the subject from famous and not famous author. All good, fame or not.
We might think of the stories as a series of snap shots, the trials and dangers of different people in different places who all suffer in the Zombie outbreak. The outbreak impacts everyone, high school cheer leaders and chained criminals alike. Each story has a unique flavor to reflect the taste and talent of the various scribes.
Each and every story has a value and each and every meets the high standards that we like in Mr. Ringo's writing.
Other authors have spun successful series into successful series of shorter fiction by other authors. I hope Mr. Ringo will find it interesting to follow up this collection with others. I hope so. I also hope for the Pacific expedition to come to print some day.
Ringo has some fascinating thoughts on the nature of the human condition to share with us, and he does so. Thanks.
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