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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on August 4, 2021
I have been both anticipating and dreading this book, since I found out that Paddy was going to get a second chance at his HEA. Talk about mixed feelings! I was happy that Paddy was finally going to get his HEA, but Wild Devotion ripped my heart into tiny pieces. I just wasn't sure I could handle that again. I worried about how the author would handle the touchy situation of a much loved, recently deceased spouse. I worried if Paddy would ever be able to open himself up to the possibility of love again. However, she handled this story beautifully, gluing all of those little tiny pieces back together again!

Paddy had his chance at love. It was wonderful, amazing, beautiful, and perfect. It was also fleeting, and over way too soon. Now he is left with memories, of a bittersweet time. Paddy had love, and doesn't think he will ever be open to that again.

Emmy has had her share of heartache, spent more than her fair share of time alone. But a chance walk into a family pub led her to a second family, that would fill a hole in her heart. She has watched Paddy, over the years, deal with his pain. But what happens when you have feelings that the other person doesn't feel in return?

This book is emotional. There were a few tears, but mostly it was hope that I felt while reading it.
Hope for second chances. Hope that love will conquer everything. While this book is it's own story, it is also a continuation of Wild Devotion. Paddy loved, and lost, and then watched the rest of his family find their HEAs, while dispensing his own quiet advice when it was needed. Wild Chance is his ultimate chance for happiness and the future that he deserves. This book was everything I could have imagined for Paddy and Emmy, and so much more! A perfect finish for the Collins Clan!
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