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Reviewed in the United States on December 29, 2018
Here we go...

I spent hours reading product reviews for comforters that were washable, warm and within my budget (under $50). I purchased 2 of these comforters and they arrived yesterday. First off, the Navy and Gray colors aren'tt as dark as the picture shows, no big deal to me as I wasn't concerned about the color as much as I was about it being washable and warm!

We washed the Navy one first in a front loading washer - these are big comforters, not too puffy or thick but thick enough that it was a squeeze into the washer. That being said, just run an extra rinse cycle so all the detergent comes out and hang dry over a shower curtain rod or staircase bannister to let it completely dry.

Now here's why this product only received 3 STARS: As soon as I took it out and inspected it, so many seams were loose and coming undone! No stuffing had come out, but after one wash seams are already coming loose. We wash our blankets often, and the whole point of finding a washable comforter was so that we didn't need to buy duvet covers. However, after already washing both blankets, it's safe to say that we will be using duvet covers to protect them for more long term use.

Now for the positive: This blanket is so warm! Not too fluffy, which is what we wanted, but warm and cozy! I slept so well with it last night inside my new duvet, although I'm annoyed that the blanket seems to already show lesser quality than expected, inside a duvet it should last MUCH longer than if we used and washed it regularly.

Overall, not a horrible purchase. In my opinion, will not sustain regular washes, but with a duvet it will last! That being said, buy the cheapest color I'd you are going to end up putting it into a duvet!
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