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Reviewed in the United States on August 30, 2018
I ordered this watch case because I wanted something to put watches and cufflinks and other such things in. The picture and the description of the item in the listing sounded okay, and I really wasn't planning to put the box on display anyway. I was almost completely concerned with utility and whether the box would hold up to essentially light use. I didn't care much about the actual heft or the aesthetics of the case. Well, occasionally a really pleasant surprise comes along. This watch case was one of those surprises. I honestly think that I may have gotten more for my money with this case than anything that I have bought in a long time. It is very well designed and very well made. It looks great, and it appears to be made of quality materials and assembled with sound construction techniques. For the money it is one of the nicest items that I recall buying in a long time. The test of all this, of course, will be time--but at the moment, given the light use that I plan for this item, I suspect that I'll be happy with it after a lot of time has gone by.
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