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Reviewed in the United States on February 11, 2019
I have now owned this item (three funnels) for a month...long enough to write a review based on my experience(s) with this three funnel set.

Pros...made of silicone (very durable), and cleaned easily enough. This set works very well with powders and seed-type spices...if the nozzle clogs, the nozzle is easily pinched and rolled between the fingers to get the material flowing again. Love the large mouth (3/4 inch ?) funnel as it worked real well when used to fill spice bottles. Cons (and this only applies to using fluids...all the funnels in the set lacked a 'vent' feature that prevented the funnel cup easily draining itself. This became particularly noticeable when trying to funnel oils from a large container to a smaller decanter...the outside of the funnel, being completely 'round' where the neck of the funnel mated with the glass bottle neck would seal itself against the glass of the bottleneck preventing free passage (or venting) of air from the smaller bottle when I would try to fill the bottle. The funnel would 'fill' and not drain into the bottle...I would have to stop the pour and slightly lift the funnel away from the glass bottle neck...worked with little effort, but it is/was bothersome.
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