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Reviewed in the United States on August 20, 2021
What the what? What kind of cliffhanger was that?! I feel betrayed! Riley had me completely fooled. If you are a fan of major twists in the stories you read, Areyna's Secret will get you good. 

I love vampire and shifter stories and this is a lovely blend of the two with the possibility of hybrids among the species. Although only the vampire side was really touched on in this first book, I expect more to be invested into the shifter sides as well in the next book. I loved the concept of hybrids and how different kinds of blood can affect them compared to how they can normally drink any kind in other books and be fine. The outcome of feeding from different beings and how bonds are made was also unique in both normal standards as well as the standards given to the regular hybrids in this book. I look forward to learning more about Areyna and her abilities as she is so drastically different from the other hybrids, Torren, Derrin, and Remmie.

Areyna as a character was one that I just easily liked. Although timid at times, she isn't a pushover and doesn't fall over herself trying to get the guys in the story to like her. I also really love the mystery to her character, the lack of background story is going to bring so many different plot twists throughout this series, I just know it. It's going to be exciting to find out how she came into being, whether she is the hybrid combination that the guys think she is, what makes her so different, and what she is truly capable of. 

As far as the guys go, some of them are a hit or miss with me, often switching throughout the book on whether I like their character or not. Richard and Jason were pretty consistent about their feelings for Areyna, even though she was oblivious to them. Torren and Derrin are about on the same level to me with Torren in the lead by a smidge. Although Derrin was the flirty, funny one, he fell a bit flat for me when he claimed to want to keep Areyna yet didn't want to be involved in any type of bond. Torren I respect a bit more because he wanted to protect her from the beginning, easily accepting her into the group since she was one of them, and he even stuck around later on after things stepped up a notch. Remmie is one I've enjoyed the most since he's so unpredictable. His ability to not acknowledge or recognize social cues makes things hilarious at times and I feel there will be plenty of moments later on where he will just speak how he feels. I think those will be some of my favorite moments. 

I think Riley did extremely well for her debut novel. There's so much mystery, possible romance, suspense, and action packed into this story. I look forward to continuing on with this series and reading much more from her in the future as well.
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