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Reviewed in the United States on April 11, 2020
I had not read a book by this author in a while. I was looking for something to read, and the first few pages immediately grabbed my attention. This was a fast paced

Although I would not have gone after Alexi quite the way Bailey did, I guess I have to give her credit for having brass ones. I thought it was admirable the way Alexi handled the entire situation. Completely unrealistic, but admirable all the same.

I was surprised that Bailey's sister didn't have to take more heat for all of the lying, manipulation, and thoughtlessness. Once again, Alexi to the rescue.

I liked that Alexi and Bailey didn't immediately fall into bed with one another, and he did not judge her because of her occupation. They both had issues from their pasts, but managed to work through them.

The story had a couple of hold your breath moments, plus some action, and suspense. Alexi and Bailey also had their share of hot, steamy moments to throw into the mix. I also loved that this book had an epilogue. One that took me to anticipated and inevitable HEA.
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