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Reviewed in the United States on July 12, 2016
Book two of the The True Blood novels by Charlaine Harris is just as good as the first book! I was having a tough time putting it down.

Now that Eric the head vampire of Area 5 knows of Sookies disabilities, he plans to put them to good use, for himself of course. After a shocking incident involving the unusually drunk Officer Andy Bellefleur and the flashy Lafayette, I wont' give any spoilers here folks so that's all I can say on that matter, Sookie is whisked away to tend to vamp matters, in Texas!
Of course our southern belle Sookie cannot take a step these days without finding herself in mortal peril. Before she even leaves Bon Temps a Maenad finds Sookie and leaves a not so friendly message for her to relay to Eric. She wants tribute, but it isn't always that simple now is it folks?

The matters in Texas however becomes more and more problematic for our gal. A vampire has been taken from his nest, and his family wants answers, and their deaths. She has to infiltrate a fanatic religious group of sun worshipers who may or may not have kidnapped their vampire.
All Sookie wants to do is go to work, she can't stop thinking about her drive way and how it needs to be re graveled and how she is going to afford it having to take so many days off from work. Damn Bill, he wants to treat Sookie as a kept woman but he isn't doing such a good job where she really needs it. I am so Eric's corner, his sweetly seductive bad boy self, and his brief moments with Sookie, I'm rooting for him.

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