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Reviewed in the United States on August 1, 2012
This book started out great and I'd say the first 50% of the book gets 5 stars. Every new self published zombie novel tries to be different and say they are different but they all seem the same. This one was a clear departure.... the main character wasn't a military man, a family man, even a good man.... he didn't care about anyone but himself, his one friend, and his ferret. He was perfectly happy to be alone and watch the world die. Where most times a main charachter would love a young woman coming along to share the end of the world, Cyrus hated the extra burden.... he didn't feel for anything and it made for a very different take on the end of the world.

That was the first half of the book..... after that though the charachter started having more feelings and the plot felt a bit rushed and seemed just like more of the usual. Editing could def use some polishing as their were several inconsistencies that I found annoying. My biggest gripe was that the entire story is told from the perspective of Cyrus (well, not counting the last page) but in the middle of the book ******SPOILER ALERT*******

In the middle of the book there is one chapter where the story is told from the perspective of Blaze when she decided to take Gabe out of the picture. I felt as though the author couldn't figure out how to accomplish this and so changed up the entire story telling for one chapter. I just found that really annoying.

And what happened to her? Are we to guess that will be part of the sequel? I don't think this book in any way needs a sequel. Don't ruin a decent book by trying to squeeze more $$ out of dragging it on. By the end of the book I just felt the main charachter was no different than any other charachter in the usual zombie books.... he was no sociopath... I was just disappointed. I don't know that I can think of a better way it could have been done (why I'm not a writer) but I enjoyed the first half of the book so much more than the second half

When I started writing this I intended to give it 3 stars..... but I did still really enjoy this book even with the flaws. Well worth purchasing.
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