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Reviewed in the United States on January 26, 2015
Excellent fishing lure. I used the gold one this winter and wore it out so came on Amazon to buy another one. These are fantastic here in Central Texas. I've caught fish on this when nothing else worked. Last week I caught a 19in 2.5lb bass on a winter day where the water temp was in the 40's.

The design is pretty good. Only issue I've had is after about 20 fish the paint starts coming off the bottom, but it didn't seem to hurt it too much since it still works. My new one should solve this.

I purchased several other colors so I can continue to use this year around. Can't wait to try this tomorrow as we have a very warm spell coming for central Texas - upper 70s. Hoping the bass are awake!

UPDATE 02/11/15: Received my new X-rap colors, Gold, White, Silver Minnow, and Clown. For the most part I am catching fish on them just like the others.
Learned two things:
1. Size 06 is smaller than I would normally like for bass. Catches smallmouth bass but larger largemouth tend to not waste their time - Have seen more "abandons" than usual with the size 06. Probably should get an 08, or a 10 next time. Also the smaller size is too light to cast with a casting rod and is even tricky with a medium spinning rod.
2. Having different colors is an absolute necessity! Several times I have switched from silver minnow to gold or vise versa and BAM, I get a fish. Also, the clown color has worked great here for Texas winter fishing. Once summer gets here and white becomes the primary color I'm sure my white one will work great.
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