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Reviewed in the United States on July 10, 2020
I don't normally write reviews, but i felt I would for this item because it might help another parent out. And I'm all about making parents' lives easier.

Let me start by saying that this rail looks great. When I was looking for a rail, I wanted one that I could use on both the curremt toddler daybed (from a convertible crib), but also on a twin bed when that time comes. I didnt wanna have to buy another one later.

I put this rail together today. The instructions are not that clear, but if you have some common sense and read them over a few times, its very easy to assemble.

When attaching to a crib, you need to use that same common sense and then its just as easy. I ordered a package of zipties (long ones) in advance after reading some reviews here. When installing on a crib with a metal mattress support, you will need the zip ties to hold the rail in place. People have said that the string with the anchor is too long for a crib - if u just use a little functional sense, it is not too long at all and DOES fit. So, i anchored the frame to the metal mattress support with zip ties. Make the string short to start. Then, all i did was wrap the string with the amchor around the back and brought the amchor to the front- fits perfect. Once its at the front and ready to anchor, adjust the rest of the length and insert mattress.

I gave this item 4 stars because the instructions share nothing about crib use (wasn't a big deal for me, but might be for others). we've also only had it up for a day and finally, because I'm hoping that the mesh will hold up (my toddler seems to want to kick into it. ) also, I had to buy extra stuff to anchor it.

But it looks great, easy to put together, looks like a quality piece compared to other rails I've seen, and is functional on a crib!
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