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Reviewed in the United States on September 8, 2020
I will come down on manufacturers pretty hard for the obvious, colossal flaws in their products disguised as features. The tech industry trends sweeping away the legion of idiots who keep perpetuating them is precisely why I went looking for something else. And this device just blows everything away that's available on the market.
It's so light you don't even know it's there, The texture of the material used for the outer casing of this player is unique, resistant to wear and tear, and is generally satisfying to the touch. More importantly, It's not a touch screen. This was one of the main qualifying features for which I bought this thing in the first place.
It's as simple and to the point as you can possibly get with the interface and controls. It even has an analog on/off switch. It's compatible with the universal Android USB cords. It's compatible with any operating system. It works out of the box without the need for any proprietary garbage, additional software or troubleshooting. The memory is expandable and AND it's gut an aux headphone jack. The battery life was another key feature which makes this player superior to everything else on the market. it easily lasts 4x longer before each charge. Honestly, companies need to take notes on how it's done. Absolutely couldn't be more satisfied with my purchase. And when you factor in the price, it's honestly nothing short of genius. Whatever it is about this thing that allows it to be exactly what it is and maintain such an astoundingly low price is just a slap in the face of every other electronics manufacturer. No contest.
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