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Reviewed in the United States on December 5, 2021
Bethany was so glad to have four days of peace and quiet for the Thanksgiving break. Her plans include Netflix, turkey, wine, and frequent naps, no bothersome people to ruin her time off. Snuggling under a blanket while watching the parade on TV, she gave a big sigh of satisfaction. No obligations for four fabulous days! She was just dozing off when a loud knock woke her. The new neighbor, Kent Clark, was having family over for Thanksgiving and he had not unpacked his peeler. With mashed potatoes to be made, he was in dire need. Then his stomach growled. He had bought all the fixings for dinner, and forgot his breakfast needs. So he hadn’t eaten. Bethany insisted he have quiche with her and a fruit salad. She learned lots of things about him, mostly that he was perfect. When he went home, she missed him and Netflix just would not hold her interest after Kent’s visit.

She decided to put up her Christmas tree and began decorating. Each ornament had a special meaning to her. She was dusting off Santa’s bottom when she heard laughter behind her. Kent had knocked, but her music was so loud she didn’t hear, and he had enjoyed what he termed her “uninhibited expression of holiday joy” as she danced around the tree dusting the ornament. Now he was here to borrow milk, and they had a glass of wine together. He went over to look at the ornaments, picking up a pewter mistletoe on a red velvet ribbon. She said her mom gave her that in hope she would get lucky… so he dangled it over her head, watched her positive reaction, and kissed her! Then he grabbed the milk and hurried back home.

With Kent showing up throughout the day, her wild thoughts of him were making her restless. He was fun and handsome, laughed easily and made her feel comfortable. With the lights on the tree and the flickering fireplace, she settled down to enjoy. And as she settled down for her nap, she wondered if Santa had just delivered her gift early this year?

There is much more excitement to come in this wonderful story, but I will leave it in your capable hands to finish and enjoy every word! This is a cute story and I loved it! Grab your copy and enjoy!
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