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Reviewed in the United States on July 8, 2019
On Monday morning April 19, 1915 a trial opened It was in Syracuse NY. Because on of the parties to the trial was Theodore Roosevelt it quickly became known as "the trial of the century.'The plaintiff was William Barnes whom was alleged to have limeled in a magazine article.

There than follows page after page of recorded court room dialogue among the parties and the numerous witnesses called by either side. I found this exceedingly boring. The details of the court room proceeding may have interesting in 1915 but scarcely so to day. There also a number of discussions on the fie points of the applicable law. of interest to the litigants
and possibly to those readers who are attorneys. Meanwhile the trial was proceedings against the on coming of World War I There also discussions of the state and local politics of New York. The book contains numerous photos. The jury found for Roosevelt. A dramatis personae of all the persons connected with trial would have been hek]lpfull

This is more a book for lawyers than general readers.
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