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Reviewed in the United States on October 20, 2019
I grew up in Southern California where the rainbows were invented and have been wearing them for years! The last pair I owned lasted 6 years, and the only reason why I wanted new ones were because I wanted the thicker straps. I currently live on Oahu where trekking into town for the mall is a chore and nightmare, so Amazon it was.

Upon delivery, I could tell something was wrong: either Amazon sold me a counterfeit product, or the quality of Rainbows have SIGNIFICANTLY gone down. First of all, the Amazon pair right off the back were not genuine leather; the straps and top coating on the sandals were pleather. There was no "break in" period or rubbing of the leather that is the love-hate relationship of new rainbows. Furthermore, after two wears, the pleather material started to peel off.

It wasn't until I confided in my best friend, another long-time rainbow wearer, who validated my suspicions and immediately said they were dupes. I then went into town and purchased authentic ones from a surf shop and lo and behold, the difference in quality was laughable.

Please do yourself a favor and purchase from an authorized retailer. I've heard of fakes on Amazon, but never experienced it. Such a shame!
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