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Reviewed in the United States on June 10, 2019
I having been buying the smaller Fire tablets (7 inch) since the beginning and I can now recommend to buy this tablet. I have other sized Fire tablets (8 Inch) and a new ipad, plus the new Kindle paper white, but the Fire 7 is my go to tablet. What I use it for. Prime Video, Hulu, Netflix, Youtube. Kindle reader for books and bible. Audible books from audible. Podcasts (stitcher). Comixology for comics (old school Marvel fan!). Instagram (I do not use facebook). Home automation with Alexa (control of my lights, ring alarm, alarms, and basic questions) works great both hands free as well as pressing the home button. I also play light games on it, Word search, Temple run, Angry Birds series of games, Yahtzee, Subway Surfer, Crossy Roads, and a few others. I also listen to Amazon prime music (Apple music does not work on this device). I mainly use my Apple air buds when watching and listening and it sounds fantastic. Picture quality is great. This is a snappy little tablet and my favorite size. It feels good in the hand with the solid plastic build (compared to the Fire 8 inch, which feels more "cheap"). It is a great tablet to use while lying in bed, which is mainly when I use it (ipad 9.7 is to heavy). I feel that Amazon finally got it right with this new 2019 version. The previous versions are painfully slow to load anything, and that is why I never would recommend them especially for a child. These new tablets are so much better, my wife wants one, and I will be buying them for my kids, something I would not even consider before, because of the frustration of the slowness (and the reason my kids took over the ipad and iphones in the first place). As you can see this is a consumption device, meant for fun..not a computer or workhorse. I should mention you can check email and use the tablet for video chatting and dropping in on other echo devices which works really well and my kids have fun using it, I should also mention that I am a Prime member and take advantage of the Prime photo storage, which any picture that I take on my iphone, pops up on my Fire Tablet. I should also mention why I use this for reading more than my paper white, it is because I like the "page curl effect" and the way it highlights my passages on books (I still use my paper white..but this is just a preference). The only reason I gave this 4 stars instead of 5 is because of the 2mp camera (which I do not use much) and the battery life, which is actually not bad, but Amazon asked for a "star" rating on those two features as well as tablet as a whole. At $50 you can not go wrong. Plus if you have a previous version, just trade it in. I got $10 knocked off and an additional 20% savings. I think I paid about $33. I will be trading in my 8 inch Fire for this size as well. Great little tablet!
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