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Reviewed in the United States on April 23, 2021
I bought this gadget principally to mix eggs for scrambling or omelets. I don't do frothy coffee drinks, etc, needing whipped ingredients, so I haven't even used that attachment. I've used the whisk attachment. My goal was to get away from either a hand whisk or a fork to mix my eggs.

I'll say first that this gadget works, but with some limitations. My first try at it, I used two eggs in a cup about four inches in diameter instead of a shallow bowl. I just stuck the whisk attachment in and turned the unit on. It bogged down in the eggs and then cut off. I haven't seen anyone commenting on the thing turning itself off. Must be a safety feature to protect the gadget itself. So I tried it again, not immersing the whisk quite so deeply. Gradually beating the egg instead of plowing right into it was the ticket. Then it did what I wanted it to: fully beat and homogenized the thick part of the egg white so that the entire mixture was uniform.

Someone's review I read when considering this mixer said they had a tough time getting the attachment(s) out of the unit. I suggest two things:

First, note that the attachment has a small tab on one side, corresponding to a notch on the receiving part of the mixer. Line these up for a proper fit. If you don't, the tab will make for difficulty getting the attachment on, which should alert you that something is amiss.

Two, when inserting the attachment, put your thumbnail between the unit and the attachment so it won't go down all the way, but will have a 1/32 or so gap. Then when you want to remove it, your thumbnail will go back in the gap and let you pry the attachment out.

If I had paid more than I did for this little mixer, I would have been disappointed. For the money, as long as I don't try to make it exceed its limitations, it was worth buying.
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